Rabbit Holes & Chameleons (Conejeras & camaleones)

2012. Book of short stories.

Lovers’ last meetings, hidden intruders, a king’s ransom in buttons, grey cities that feast on their inhabitants… This complex book is a revolving stage that compels us to face our societal masks, where cracks appear under the skirting boards of our lovely city apartments and reality often falls apart. It is far from a comfortable read. At times it is as brutal as it is unassuming. As playful as it is grim. Its rhythm lulls us into a false sense of safety only, the next moment, to lift us off our feet.

‘[He] works with both illusion and allusion, and that’s not easy in writing.’ —Diego Trelles Paz, Author

The Inked Waters (Las aguas tintas)

2003, 2007. Book of poetry.

Just a few hours before turning twenty years old, the author concludes this book of adolescent poems that brings together a selection of his surviving writings from the age of 12.

‘We are dealing with an amazing book of poetry. For its maturity, each poem is an original delight of poetic apprehension. Whichever way you look at it, [it] is a book of superior glimpse. It has been long since I prologued a book of poems of such magnitudes. Lucky me.’ —César Toro Montalvo, Poet and Literary Historian

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