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Alessandro Pucci is author of the book of short-stories Conejeras & camaleones (Lima: Borrador Editores, 2012) and the book of poetry Las aguas tintas (Lima: Resurgimiento, 2003; Fondo Editorial UIGV, 2007).

His writings have appeared in several publications and anthologies along the years. In 2012, the scholar of Peruvian flash fiction Rony Vásquez Guevara included him in his book Circo de Pulgas, Minificción peruana. Estudio y antología (1900-2011) (Lima: Micrópolis, 2012), a study and anthology of Peruvian flash fiction from 1900-2011.

He has been a guest speaker at conferences and colloquia on literature.

En 2006, the 7th Festival Código País (Buenos Aires-Argentina) had a special projection of his “Animated poetic improvisations.”

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Pucci was born in Lima-Perú the Spring of 1983. He was graduated as Film Director from the Universidad del Cine of Buenos Aires. He is a jazz and classical musician, photographer, illustrator and animator, and film-maker. His work in cinematography has been to the Festival de Cannes, the Milano Film Festival, the Festival Internacional de Cine de Huesca, etc.

“To be a writer,” he says, “it’s clear one simply stops aging sometime around 6 and 9.” Today he is devoted entirely to the happy task of never growing old.