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A writer in constant search of the aesthetics of words.

He maintains a very concentrated line in his literary landscape, showing his freedom and dominion of fiction in the true style of Samuel Beckett. Conejeras & Camaleones is a book in which the originality of his approach is a genuine expression of his love of words, such as he conceives them.

Maritza Luza Castillo
Diario La Prensa

This narrator's voice is fresh and I dare say it manages to bring variety to the current bookish market.

[The] absurdity achieves compensation by how well crafted the personalities are. We will not find a single character that falters in cheap clichés and stereotypes....

We are far from wanting to read something “simple” or what is commonly called “intellectual mush.” Pucci introduces a different rhythm. He stops at actions that at a glance might seem trivial, even regular, and yet precisely there, in that brief moment, he gives full rein to his imagination.

Gianfranco Hereña
Red Literaria Peruana

A particular look.

[Conejeras & camaleones,] with vigorous language and a particular look, a book of short-stories that presents us with real and fantastic figures in cities in which the rules are imposed and one never knows which is the right door. A work of rebellious style that refuses classification, an exploration guided by aesthetics rather than narrative or, as Truman Capote used to say, a search for that music that words sometimes learn how to make.

Altazor Magazine

The uniqueness of [his] glance, [his] way of facing the texts.

[Pucci] pleasantly surprises us once again with Conejeras & camaleones, a book of short-stories that, besides displaying organicity, has a rather unique style.

Carlos M. Sotomayor
Letra Capital @ LaMula

Like Alice in the rabbit hole, Alessandro invites us to let ourselves fall, to descend without resistance, into his depths.

[The short-stories] are majestic essays of this careful search for meaning by neurotic characters subjected to a reality that crumbles under them, that frustrates their demands, that curses their waiting, that postpones, indefinitely, the heat from summer....

Each short-story exhibits figures and allegories belonging to a unique surrealism, which (I quote this week's press) “defies the canons of contemporary literature.”

L.M. Olguín
Linguist PUCP

Absolutely refuses any classification.

[Pucci] brings us his second book “Conejeras & camaleones,” a work of fiction that absolutely refuses any classification.

La Razón

A book of superior glimpse.

We are dealing with an amazing book of poetry. For its maturity, each poem is an original delight of poetic apprehension. However one views it, Las aguas tintas is a book of superior glimpse. It has been long since I prologued a book of poems of such magnitudes. Lucky me.

César Toro Montalvo
Poet and Literary Historian

Friday, November 28, at 21h00, at the Maison de l'Amérique Latine, will be the Paris presentation of Alessandro Pucci's book Conejeras & camaleones. There will be a discussion on the subject as well as a special projection of two short films whose direction of photography was done by the author.
Pucci, Alessandro, et al. Nov. 28, 2014. 21h-23h. Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Paris.
Paris, November 28, 2014, at the Maison de l'Amérique latine. Presenters: Grecia Cáceres and Diego Trelles. Organized by Antero Moreno and Association Capulí.
Pucci, Alessandro, et al. Presentation of the book Conejeras & camaleones in París. Maison de l'Amérique latine, Paris. Nov. 28, 2014.
A piece by Alessandro Pucci published in the international anthology “201” from compilers David Roas and José Donayre Hoefken. The book will be presented this Friday, July 11, at 7:30 p.m., in the Cholo Art & Fun (Bolognesi 198, Barranco, Lima, PE), leading up to the International Book Fair of Lima.
Pucci, Alessandro. “Premier étage, à gauche, fond du couloir.” 201. Ed. David Roas, José Donayre Hoefken. Lima: Ediciones Altazor, 2014. Print.

Alessandro Pucci at the “Cholo Breve 1°”, First Recital of Micro-fiction at the Cholo Bar, with Andrea Marinelli Tagliavento, Alberto Benza González, Jorge Rivera Rojas, Maritza Iriarte, Sophie Canal, Carlos De La Torre Paredes, Christiane Félip Vidal, Ana María Falconí.

Pucci, Alessandro, et al. “Cholo Breve 1°.” First Recital of Micro-fiction at the Cholo Bar. Cholo Art & Fun, Lima. 13 Mar. 2014. Reading.

Animated short-film inspired by the book of short-stories by Alessandro Pucci «Conejeras & camaleones».

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[Pucci] pleasantly surprises us once again with Conejeras & camaleones, a book of short-stories that, besides displaying organicity, has a rather unique style.

Pucci, Alessandro. Interview by Carlos M. Sotomayor. Letra Capital. LaMula, 2012. Web. 17 Nov. 2012.